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LiteConsole XPRS TV Support Bracket

The original LiteConsole was designed for DJ Paul Oakenfold when he accompanied Madonna on her Sweet’n’Sticky global tours during 2008/2009. The console featured Paul’s brand name profiled on the upper front panel and two internally mounted high quality plasma screens. The potential to mount a TV screen was incorporated into the designs of both LiteConsole XPRS models.

The sturdy and adjustable XPRS TV Support Bracket was specifically designed and engineered to fold which allows it to be permanently fixed inside the XPRS frame during transport and storage. This concept significantly reduces and simplifies the screen installation time at events. An additional VESA bracket is not required to attach the screen to the XPRS TV Support Bracket.

The XPRS TV Support Bracket is fabricated using 30mm aluminium poles with 12mm aluminium fillers for added strength. The bracket is supplied in milled aluminium finish and packed in a custom high quality waterproof bag with individual compartments for all primary components. A selection of nuts and bolts are included so that the bracket can be attached to any regular TV/LED screen up to 55”. Neoprene pads for added grip and to prevent scratching the frame sides, especially if powder coated, are securely bonded to the insides of the jaw clamps. The exterior – but not interior – sides of the jaw clamp fittings could easily be spray painted matt black or gloss white to match the individual frame finish if required.

XPRS TV Support Bracket Applications

  • Live FaceTime/Skype/Zoom internet video calls at events (bracket installed)
  • Mobile DJ shows
  • Karaoke parties
  • Nightclub/bar/hotel installations
  • Music venues
  • Fitness clubs
  • Exhibition stands
  • Cruise ships
  • Sports events
  • Live product demonstrations at shopping centres, airports, trade shows, etc.

XPRS TV Support Bracket Features

  • Suitable for TV/LED screens up to 55”
  • Works with both XPRS and XPRSlite models
  • Foldable design allows the bracket to be fixed inside the folded XPRS frame
  • Adjustable finger brackets to mount the TV screen at the correct height
  • High quality waterproof bag for bracket components included
  • No additional VESA bracket required

The initial screen installation will take 5/10 minutes but after that the XPRS TV Support Bracket can remain permanently and safely fixed inside the XPRS frame at the correct height including when folded. At individual events the TV screen can easily and quickly be mounted onto the bracket, and then removed for breakdown/packing.

Note that the TV screen will be slightly recessed inside the XPRS frame when mounted. For added protection it is easy to insert an optional externally sourced 5 x 790 x 1260mm clear acrylic panel in front of screen in the same place as the standard XPRS 3mm opal acrylic panel. The 5mm clear panel will fit inside the XPRS Padded Bag and could also be wrapped in clear film, for example, to keep it clean and scratch-free.

XPRS TV Support Bracket Technical Specifications

• Total width: 133cm
• Folded width: 66.5cm
• Weight: 3.5kg

Please note: If you have any questions or require more information: sales@liteconsole.co.uk

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LiteConsole XPRS TV Support Bracket Shipping/Purchasing/Export Information

• Total shipping weight: 3.7kg
• Box: 70 x 25 x 12cm
• EAN/Barcode: 0672225577713
• Purchase Order Code: 520111
• Export Harmonised Customs Tariff/HS Code: 76109090
• Manufactured in EU
• Despatch/collection location: 63571 Gelnhausen Germany

For more information please contact us: sales@liteconsole.co.uk