LiteConsole MK2
The LiteConsole MK2 was developed following positive reactions received from the Press, the music events industry and renowned performing artists to the original LiteConsole concept designed for, and in consultation with, the legendary superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold. The robust, modular and superbly engineered performance platform was ‘tranceported’ all around our planet twice when Paul accompanied Madonna on her “Sweet’n’Sticky” tours appearing live in huge stadiums worldwide during 2008/2009. Introduced in 2010, the modular MK2 quickly became an industry standard DJ performance platform and was specified for many prominent music events and festivals including Glastonbury, Creamfields, SW4 London, Global Gathering, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and many more in various module formats, and always branded.

The MK2 is supplied with two aluminium truss end sections, an aluminium upper fascia panel, eight aluminium connecting poles and three aluminium shelves. The angled laptop shelf has a 2.5cm retainer along the lower edge to prevent any forward movement of equipment. The shelves provide ample and stable space for CDJs and/or turntables, audio mixer, lighting controller, laptop computer and outboard digital devices, etc. The shelves have cable drop holes for securely routing and concealing all power and signal cables. Uplighting the MK2 end sections using internally mounted pin spots is easy and very effective. The acrylic side panels are also perfect for branding and illuminating. The amazing visual presence of the MK2 makes it the perfect platform for many applications, and they have appeared on TV shows many times.
The standard MK2 frame finish is milled natural aluminium. Both MK2 end sections have four formed plastic feet securely inserted to prevent any potential damage to floor surfaces. The MK2 weighs 45kg when assembled.

MK2 Customising and Options
Customising possibilities include laser profiling the upper aluminium fascia panel, and vinyl transfer logos applied to the MK2 upper fascia panel and side acrylic panels. Many standard RAL powder coat colours, such as matte black (RAL9005) and gloss white (RAL9010), and special textured finishes are possible and available. The MK2 Extension Kit, the MK2 TV Support Bracket for securely mounting a screen up to 55” (available soon) and a high quality padded bag set for safe transport and storage of your LiteConsole are available as standard options.

MK2 Applications
Mobile DJ events • Nightclubs/bars/hotels • Music venues and festivals • Home studios • Holiday camps • Exhibition stands • Adventure parks • Sports events • Touring music/DJ/live acts, etc.

MK2 Assembly
Before assembling the MK2 it is recommended that a clean, non-abrasive floor surface is located to avoid any potential scratching of the components.

There are various ways to assemble the MK2 but, if it is a one-person task, this is the safest and most efficient recommended construction method.

Insert the side acrylic panels into the end sections by flexing them into the internal U-channels. Note: The side acrylic panels can remain permanently fixed inside the end sections and do not necessarily need to be removed when the console is dismantled. Place one end section flat on the floor with the tubes pointing upwards. Place the eight connecting poles over the eight tubes. Squeeze the spring clips and make sure that the poles are pushed against the MK2 frame’s inside edge. Note: At this point do not ‘click’ the poles into place and make sure that they can slightly rotate. Note: If the MK2 TV Support Bracket or interior branding panel, for example, are to be installed the two internal connecting poles are not required: this will not effect the MK2’s stability. Raise the end section with the connecting poles to an upright standing position and then place the second end section where it will be easy to locate and slide the connecting poles over the eight tubes. Working from the lower edge of the console to the upper edge push the connecting poles over the tubes and, again, do not ‘click’ them into place until all of the connecting poles are aligned. Push and roll the connecting poles around the MK2 until all of the spring clips have firmly ‘clicked’ into place. Insert the lower shelf, insert the upper shelf, place the upper fascia panel over the upper connecting pole and securely push it over the spring clips, and insert the angled laptop shelf. The MK2 can be assembled in less than five minutes.

MK2 Work Space
126 cm x 83 cm (width x depth – flat/upper shelf)
126 cm x 37 cm (width x depth – angled/laptop shelf)

Note: The recommended maximum safe working load (SWL) for the upper and lower shelves is 50 kg and 25 kg for the angled laptop shelf.

MK2 Components
• 2x aluminium truss end sections (115 cm x 90 cm x 16 cm)
• 1x aluminium upper shelf (126 cm x 83 cm x 3,5 cm)
• 1x aluminium lower shelf (126 cm x 65 cm x 3,5 cm)
• 1x aluminium angled laptop shelf (122 cm x 37 cm x 28 cm)
• 1x aluminium upper fascia panel (125 cm x 4 cm x 30 cm flat surface area)
• 8x aluminium connecting poles (126 cm x 3 cm)
• 2x 3mm opal acrylic side panels (53 cm upper/42 cm lower/73 cm side/60 cm side)

MK2 Dimensions (assembled)
• Width 163 cm
• Height 115 cm
• Width (upper edge) 95 cm
• Depth (lower edge) 74 cm
• Distance between angled shelf and console upper shelf 12 cm
• Distance between upper shelf and lower shelf 61 cm
• Distance between upper shelf and floor 71 cm
• Distance between lower shelf and floor 18 cm

(Additional information for distribution and retail partners, export/freight agents, etc).
LiteConsole MK2 Shipping/Purchasing/Export Information
• Total shipping weight 45 kg
• 1 palet, 120 x 90 x 130 cm
• EAN/Barcode (aluminium finish): 5055906068666
• Purchase Order Code (aluminium finish): 520010
• EAN/Barcode (black finish): 0702754944820
• Purchase Order Code (black finish): 520019
• Export Harmonised Customs Tariff/HR Code: 76109090
• Manufactured in EU
• At the client’s request the MK2 can be packed in the optional Padded Bag Set
for extra protection during transportation
• Despatch/collection location: 63571 Gelnhausen Germany