LiteConsole XPRS Bar
The XPRS Bar was designed following requests and input from LiteConsole end-users in the mobile events sector who were legally licensed to serve alcohol in their individual countries. The XPRS Bar meets all EU regulations for equipment used in the drinks serving industry. Please note that the XPRS Bar does not meet food serving hygiene regulations. The XPRS Bar incorporates a purpose-designed wet/dry area preparation/serving shelf concept. The totally leak-resistant powder coated aluminium work surface shelf has a recessed preparation area and the open space directly below the serving shelf is raised so that it always remains dry. An industry standard 5cm plug fitting in the front right corner of the shelf allows for safe draining of any excess fluids. The XPRS Bar is extremely rigid and sturdy, and the front and side acrylic panels can easily be illuminated.

The standard XPRS Bar frame finish is milled natural aluminium. If the XPRS Bar needs to be moved to different locations within the same environment on a regular basis, a purpose-designed sturdy rolling dolly/skate equipped with clamps and locking castors is available: the console would not need to be dismantled and reassembled so this concept provides a very practical and time saving option. The XPRS Bar frame has four formed plastic feet inserted to prevent any potential damage to floor surfaces. The XPRS Bar weighs 42kg when assembled.

XPRS Bar Customising and Options
Customising possibilities applying vinyl transfer logos to the XPRS Bar upper fascia panel and front/side acrylic panels. A height-adjustable overhead lighting/electronic signage gantry, a high quality padded bag set for safe transport and storage and a heavy-duty wheeled road case are available as options.

XPRS Bar Applications
Nightclubs/bars/hotels • Mobile corporate hospitality events • Exhibition stands • Cruise ships • Sports events • Holiday camps • Branded podiums for drink product tasting stations at trade shows/shopping centres/airports, etc.

XPRS Bar Assembly
The XPRS Bar is assembled by fully unfolding the frame. Clamp the cross brace diagonally inside the frame. Insert the kick plate. Insert the large acrylic front panel. Insert the side acrylic panels by flexing them into the U-channels. Insert the preparation shelf and plug fitting. Hook the upper aluminium fascia panel over the top of the frame. Place the serving shelf over the upper fascia panel. The XPRS Bar can be assembled in less than five minutes. The internal open space below the shelf is sufficient for drink stock, refrigerators or cooler boxes. Lower open area dimensions: 127 x 84 x 66 cm. The XPRS Bar can be assembled in less than 5 minutes.

XPRS Bar Work Space
126 x 83 cm (width x depth – preparation shelf)
126 x 37 cm (width x depth – serving shelf)

Note: The recommended maximum safe working load (SWL) for the preparation shelf is 50 kg and 15 kg for the serving shelf.

XPRS Bar Components
• 1x aluminium folding frame
• 1x powder coated aluminium upper preparation shelf (126 cm x 83 cm x 3,5 cm)
• 1x aluminium upper fascia panel (125 cm x 5 cm x 30 cm flat surface area)
• 1x aluminium powder coated serving shelf (133 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm)
• 1x aluminium powder coated kick plate (130 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm)
• 1x aluminium cross brace support with clamps (147 cm x 3 cm tube)
• 1x 3mm opal acrylic front panel (126 cm x 79 cm)
• 2x 3mm opal acrylic side panels (53 cm upper/42 cm lower/73 cm side/60 cm side)
• 1x industry code-compliant 5 cm plug fitting

XPRS Bar Dimensions (unfolded)
• Width 133 cm
• Height 115 cm
• Width (upper edge) 95 cm
• Depth (lower edge) 74 cm
• Distance from upper shelf to floor 84 cm

XPRS Bar Frame Dimensions (folded)
• Height 115 cm
• Width 16 cm
• Side 90 cm
• Side 74 cm
• Depth 95 cm

(Additional information for distribution and retail partners, export/freight agents, etc).
LiteConsole XPRS Bar Shipping/Purchasing/Export Information
• Total shipping weight 42 kg
• Box A (frame) 118 cm x 96 cm x 21 cm @ 14 kg
• Box B (shelves/panels/kick plate/cross brace) 140 cm x 89 cm x 15 cm @ 28 kg
• EAN/Barcode: 5055906069625
• Purchase Order Code: 520013