MK2 Extension Pack

LiteConsole MK2 Extension Kit
The MK2 Extension Kit is an easy-to-assemble add-on to the standard MK2 module allowing the console to be doubled, tripled, quadrupled or more in size, and making it more practical for large events and club installations, etc. When a multi-module console is branded the high visual impact can be very effective to attract audiences and increase brand awareness especially when 55” TV screens are installed using the MK2 TV Support Bracket (available soon).

The MK2 Extension Kit is supplied with an aluminium centre extension bracket, an aluminium upper fascia panel, eight aluminium connecting poles and three aluminium shelves. The angled laptop shelf has a 2.5cm retainer along the lower edge to prevent any forward movement of equipment. The shelves provide ample and stable space for CDJs and/or turntables, audio mixer, lighting controller, laptop computer and outboard digital equipment, etc. The shelves have cable-drop holes for securely routing and concealing all power and signal cables. The MK2 extension bracket has two formed plastic feet securely inserted to prevent any potential damage to floor surfaces.

The standard MK2 Extension Kit finish is milled natural aluminium. A matte black (RAL 9005) powder coated frame finish is also available as a standard option. Other powder coated colour options such as gloss white (RAL 9010) and special textured finishes are available upon request. Customising possibilities also include laser-profiling/powder coating of the upper aluminium fascia panel. The MK2 Extension Kit weighs 34kg. A high quality padded bag set is available as an option.

MK2 Extension Kit Assembly
Before assembling the MK2 with the Extension Kit it is recommended that a clean, non-abrasive floor surface is located to avoid any potential scratching of the components.

There are various ways to assemble the MK2 with the Extension Kit but, if it is a one-person task, this is the safest and most efficient recommended construction method.

Please refer to the MK2 assembly instructions and note the following… When the connecting poles are all in place on one of the MK2 end sections bring the extension bracket into place. Then repeat the assembly method of the single module and complete the assembly by connecting the second end section. A double MK2 can be assembled in less than 10 minutes and the console would be 295 cm wide.

MK2 Extension Kit/Double Version Work Space
252 cm x 83 cm (width x depth – two flat/upper shelves)
252 cm x 37 cm (width x depth – two angled/laptop shelves)

Note: The recommended maximum safe working load (SWL) for each of the upper and lower shelves is 50kg and 25kg for each of the angled laptop shelves.

MK2 Extension Kit Components
• 1x aluminium extension bracket (115 cm x 85 cm x 17,5 cm)
• 1x aluminium upper shelf (126cm x 83 cm x 3,5 cm)
• 1x aluminium lower shelf (126cm x 65 cm x 3,5 cm)
• 1x aluminium angled laptop shelf (122 cm x 37 cm x 28 cm)
• 1x aluminium upper fascia panel (125 cm x 4 cm x 30 cm flat surface area)
• 8x aluminium connecting poles (126 cm x 3 cm)

(Additional information for distribution and retail partners, export/freight agents, etc).
LiteConsole MK2 Extension Kit Shipping/Purchasing/Export Information
• Total shipping weight 34kg
• 1 Palet, 120 x 90 x 130 cm
• EAN/Barcode (aluminium finish): 5055906068673
• Purchase Order Code (aluminium finish): 520011
• EAN/Barcode (black finish): 0702754944837
• Purchase Order Code (black finish): 520020
• Export Harmonised Customs Tariff/HR Code: 76109090
• Manufactured in EU
• At the client’s request the MK2 Extension Kit can be packed in the optional
Padded Bag Set for extra protection during transportation
• Despatch/collection location: 63571 Gelnhausen Germany